What is Patchwork?

Quite often people get mixed up between patchwork and quilting. They are infact two seperate entities, the art of patchwork is to stitch together pieces of precut fabric with a quarter inch seam to produce the top layer of a quilt.  It can be a made up of very simple squares or can be extremely intricate with pieces being cut from triangles,diamonds,hexagons to form complicated geometric patterns. We use the best quality cottons possible as this reduces the risk of fabric movement when stitching together, especially when using a sewing machine.  By using the best quality will also ensure the lifetime of the finished quilt.

Good quality thread should also be used and most patchworkers will recommend YLI soft touch or a similar quality in a natural shade, instead of trying to match the thread colour to the fabric colour.  This simplifies the stitching process and a natural colour will tone in with many shades.

When beginning patchwork you will almost defintely benefit from using a rotary cutter, cutting ruler and cutting mat. These are the essential pieces of equipment to make sure that shapes are cut accurately.  If your fabric is cut accurately you will find that your patchwork will be more precise and easier to put together.