Make your own Daisy String Lights with Stick it Lampshade Backing

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I thought for this blog, I would tell you about my new favourite product to play with.  Although this product is usually used to create fabulous bespoke lampshades, me being me I couldn’t believe that that was all it could be used for.  While we were closed over the winter I didn’t just rest on my laurels I put my time to good use and sat down and thought of different ways I could use a roll of Stick it that had been languishing in my art room for many a day (well months if I’m telling the truth).

Thinking ahead and wishing for warmer sunny days when we could sit outside again, I thought how nice it would be to make some pretty lights to put around the big patio umbrella.  Very romantic on a balmy summer’s evening, glass of chilled something, swinging on the chair swing ahhh lovely!!!  Here is what I came up with.


They are so simple to make and no sewing either! Great to make with children and I guess they would look just as good anywhere in your home.  Fun to make as a wedding decoration, Baby shower, Children’ s bedroom.  The places you could brighten up with these happy daisies is endless.

You will need Stick it Lampshade Backing (available from our shop)

Small scraps of fabric in yellow and orange

LED Lights

Marking pen

Belt hole punch – Cropodile punch

Hot glue gun or very strong glue

Sand paper

Good scissors (but not your best fabric ones)

Daisy Template down load for free from our website


Cut a piece of Stick it slightly larger than your daisy template.

Templates can be found on google or if you email me I can send you the design or I will put it as a free download on our website. It is approximately 9cm x 9cm


Remove the paper from the backing and stick the wrong side of the fabric scrap to the sticky side of the backing. Making sure not to put in any creases. Rub firmly over the surface to make sure the fabric is adhered to the backing.

Cut out your daisy template and draw around it on the shiny side of the backing with an erasable pen or fine pencil. Don’t worry if your not accurate petals have different sizes in nature.

You will now have a daisy ready for the center detail. For this you will need to pieces of Stick it 2 cm square. Remove the backing paper and stick your orange fabric to it and cut out two circles, again they don ‘t have to be perfect I drew around a Gutermann cotton reel but I will put a circle with the daisy template to make life easy.

To stick the circles on to the daisy I found because the backing is so shiny I needed to rub it with something rough like sand paper so that it provides a key for the glue to stick to. If you use a hot glue gun this is not necessary. Once the glue has adhered you will need to punch a hole in the centre of each daisy. A belt hole punch or Cropadile is very useful for this.


If you don’t have one of these use a Phillips

screw driver and make sure you have some

thing to protect your hands and table.



Fit the holes you have made over the LED bulbs and glue into place, preferably with a glue gun or a very strong glue.  Enjoy your twinkly daisies!!

I hope this has given you some inspiration, Ann and I have been working on some other projects you can make to decorate your garden patio and fun items to take on a picnic or to the beach.  Let us know how you get on we always love to see your finished projects.

My email is or download for free from our website under patterns.

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